The Game Behind Bank Foreclosure Silent Auctions ideas

This organization could be your drill team, cheerleading group, prom committee, sophomore class, charitable organization, military organization, fraternity or any other group wishing to make money from a raffle or fundraiser of some sort. You can usually get special prices on items to use for auctions or raffles for non-profit organizations and clubs.

Why would you have people in your organization wash cars for 6 hours in the hot sun trying to make money for your charity or fundraiser only to make $400 for the day!!

Instead, have these same people spend that ideas for silent auction same time with the fundraising by selling $5.00 raffle tickets or even $10.00 raffle tickets to 1,000 people to win a large prize such as a gas scooter or electric scooter or even a collegiate e-bike. Implement these fundraising ideas at your shopping centers, malls, or parking lots, door to door, at school and to friends and relatives. A fund raising program to raffle off a large item and get over $4,000 in that same time spent will mean many more $$ in your fund! The raffle tickets for this type fundraiser are easy to sell.

This concept is by far the best way to generate funds for a foundation or non-profit organization. The items you choose can be used in raffles, live auction or a silent auction.


The Game Behind Bank Foreclosure Silent Auctions ideas
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